The LA Housing Movement Lab amplifies movements for housing justice by crafting strategy, tactics, analysis and narrative to transform housing in Los Angeles and guarantee that all poor, working class and people of color live in high-quality, safe and affordable homes within stable, healthy, resilient, accessible and vibrant communities. 


Generations of past and present trauma inflicted upon Indigenous, Black and people of color impel the call to heal through reparation, land rematriation and decommodification.


As long as our homes are treated as commodities, there will be no security for the families of Los Angeles. 


Homes must not be financial instruments to be traded for gain, but rather safe havens from the dehumanizing interests of capitalist exploitation. 


Our end goal is securing the guaranteed right to housing for all that is free from market forces and profit-seeking from the housing industry.

By convening and strategizing with community members, organizers, advocates, experts and organizations, we are creating the conditions to set the agenda for Los Angeles’ affordable housing future.


Through popular education we are nurturing the capacity of Los Angeles residents to be front-line advocates for political and economic transformation.


Angelenos’ lived experiences inform our goals, strategies and tactics.


In these ways we are working hand-in-hand with the workers and renters of Los Angeles to co-create a new cultural narrative to lead our neighbors and policy makers into a vision for thriving communities.


Our member organizations campaign for a multitude of objectives that each move Los Angeles toward de-commodification, and we lend mutual support to each other’s campaigns.


We fundamentally believe that we are developing the world that solves housing issues for all communities when:


  • Our foundations are rooted in the analysis, lived experience and scholarship of Black,  Indigenous and People of Color leaders 
  • We partner with and follow the lead of Black,  Indigenous and People of Color leaders and communities to solve housing issues for all impacted BIPOC communities
  • We do this through the principles of Collective Economics & Self-Determination, Community Control, and Community Stewardship

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